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What is an independent insurance agency?

An independent insurance agency is appointed with multiple insurance carriers and can shop multiple insurance companies in order to find the best insurance prices.

Who does the independent insurance agent work for?

The independent insurance agent works for their clients; they are not beholden to any one insurance company so they are able to cast a critical eye on your insurance policy, and ensure that you get the right coverage at a great price.

What kind of insurance companies does an independent insurance agent write with?

Independent agencies are appointed with many insurance companies; Travelers, Safeco, The Hartford, Nationwide, Progressive, and many more.

Why are insurance rates cheaper at an independent insurance agency?

Insurance is a competitive market, and insurance companies are always tweaking their rates to find the perfect balance. Independent insurance agents understand this, and because they are appointed with multiple companies they have a broader understanding of insurance rates and can take advantage of changes in the market for their clients.

Are independent insurance agents more knowledgeable about insurance in general?

Independent insurance agents must be well versed in multiple insurance companies’ products. Each home insurance or auto insurance policy is a little different for each company. An Independent insurance agent must understand those differences, and help their clients find the best priced insurance.

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